Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Summer of Discontent

We live in a world overwhelmed with information and a lack of discernment.  As I poll the most astute investors I know, they are all concerned with the troubles of the industrialized economies, the credibility gaps of most information services, and the lack of high ground for anyone in a position of leadership.  Expectations are this ends with blood in the streets.

Without doubt the scandals that currently rock the Obama Administration will be with us for a while.  The polarity of opinions and the submersion of honest debate reflects a real loss of respect, an essential American characteristic.  While I am sick over the destruction of basic American liberties by our leaders, I am equally sick at how our society is not enraged over the injustices of both parties for the last decade.

It stems from a loss of belief in truth.  Sometime ago we decided that the truth was what you make it.  If you applied enough marketing and spin, you could create your own truth, and with that, we have created our current environment.   A "What does it Matter?" mentality.

We really don't know what the truth is about the IRS, Benghazi, the government budget, Julian Assange, and I'm afraid we never will.  Our future decisions will be made on a basis of mood measurement, and what leaders think they can get away with.  Its really a game of snooker - no one plays to win, they play to make the other guy lose.

The truth is what matters, and until we return to that basic human requirement we will live in discontent.  

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