Saturday, January 7, 2012

I am listening to unspoken words I do not want to hear

Its never easy to be honest with ourselves when confronting the truth. We rationalize, we deny, we look for our happy place, that fantasy based environment called Mayberry or Lake Wobegone. After all, its not really our problem, is it? We escape to our drug of choice, some form of consumption; be it drugs, food or alcohol, or worse, credit. That escape has now become our norm, where it no longer is an escape, but a prison, where our future seems forever limited.

Many of us have recognized this trap for what it is, and are looking for a way out. Some will blame those who have, others will blame those who have not. Some will continue to focus on their personal Mayberry and like ostriches, choose to avoid the truth. The Matrix, if you will.
Like Morpheus, I am choosing to pull my head out of the sand, and unfortunately, I am listening to unspoken words I do not want to hear.

What I mean may be best understood by asking the right questions.
1) Is it merely coincidence that the head of Wikileaks and the head of the IMF were accused of essentially the same crime?
2) Why is it that the media can find every dirty secret about Presidential wannabee's but they seem to know nothing about the dirty secrets of Wall Street?
3) Since 99% of the US equity markets are owned by pension funds, and the 1% makes 100% of the decisions for those funds, how is it that the 1% is so offended by the rising of #occupy?
4) Why is there a shortage of storage vaults for physical gold?
5) Why is it that gold leasing has gone from a positive to a negative carry?
6) Why isn't the Defensive Authorization Bill of 2012 troubling every American? In the name of anti-terrorism, American citizens can now be held indefinitely without trial. Yes, this is the law of our land.
7) The European banking system has 40 Trillion of assets, 25% dollar based. They can't create dollars so how will they pay a return in dollars? Best guess is to borrow them from the US Fed. How do they do that? They borrow our gold, sell it forward 3 years out, and hope they can settle with paper money. If the buyers want physical gold, too bad. In the meantime, dollars have been generated to pay current obligations.

In the words of the greatest technology investor (Roger McNamee) in our nation's history:

“The country has been stolen,” says McNamee bluntly. “I expect to be involved in getting it back for the rest of my life.”

Roger is right. The country has been stolen. Lets get it back. Start listening to the unspoken words and prepare yourself.

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