Friday, June 24, 2011

Real Power, Real Change, $2 a month

We have the power to solve our problems, we have the power to change our world. The power comes from each of us, individually, making the slightest effort to support needed change. This is real power. Individuals collectively making tiny efforts. If enough people will make a tiny effort together, real change is almost guaranteed. Here’s a change we need:

We need to abolish sex trafficking in children now.

How is this a tiny effort? We know that as communities become aware of crimes like this, the criminals leave. Awareness works. Awareness is a tiny effort. The internet makes it easy. Promoting awareness is something everyone can afford. It doesn’t take much if everyone chips in, and its really powerful when everyone does.

Please join me in sending $2 a month to MeetJustice is a leading awareness agency fighting human trafficking. Established in 2005 to promote social justice, it launched MeetJustice Medical and INnocence Atlanta to build awareness of the problem and support the rescue and restoration needs of victims.

$2 a month. Spare change for Real Change. Check out

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