Friday, October 16, 2009

Tarzan, the Digital Jungle, Connecting to Your Future

This post will help novices understand why twitter, blogging, and related social media are more than a fad, and you don’t have to be Tarzan to control your jungle.

If you were born before 1974, you may be thinking that the facebook, blogging and twitter phenomena is a passing fad. Think again. Think today. The amazing publication power from blogs, twitter and social media is changing the way we do business. And it should.

How does it work? Its like the jungle. There is more than one Tarzan calling all the elephants to come save his rear however. Flocks of birds may have more to tell us about how this will all work ultimately, but in the interim it is as simple as that. If you are a bird you call and listen all day long about basically the same stuff humans worry about. Where is the best place to eat? Is that place safe or dangerous? Can I meet someone special there? When are we taking off for winter? etc. etc.

The business ramifications for this advent in human behavior are enormous. Think about it. You have a brilliant idea but you have no connections to the people who can use it and would likely pay you handsomely for it. In the past you would search and perhaps never find a connection that could help you. Today you google Blog sites for people that have those interests. You try to add value to them so say they might pay attention to you.

You reach out to that blogger and he agrees with your good idea. And he makes a post about it. He also sends out a message on Twitter (a “Tweet”). Now he is your Tarzan! He has 1,000,000 followers because he is an expert in his field (or he is really popular for other reasons). In any event, your idea just got posted and within a few days 1,000,000 people heard about it. For Free! That kind of marketing would be unaffordable in the past. Better yet, 1% of his followers agreed with him and “re-tweeted” the post, and those 10,000 folks are connected to another million people who also like your idea. This is a whole new level of leapfrog - Its like lightspeed leapfrog(TM)!

How do you reach out to bloggers? Having a blog is a good start. Birds of a feather flock together - Bloggers have a pecking order, they have protocols, quid pro quo’s, and much of it is driven off the value add of what they read. If its drivel its going nowhere fast. So think hard about what you think is valuable and does it add value to others. A core component in any business relationship.

Exponential compounding of relationships is what this is all about. It still is who you know more than what you know, and blogging and twittering is the new connecting force of the human flock. I’m told by Hackers can hit every single computer in the world in a matter of minutes. Your ability to connect to your future is just a Tarzan tweet away. Who knows, maybe you can be your own Tarzan?

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  1. Great post Chris. The key is to desire to provide value. Authenticity of voice will be clear if that is the goal. You're doing a great job of just that.